Hello you beautiful people! Welcome to the first blog of many! 

 So, this is going to be a combination of work blogs and personal. I LOVE being a photographer, its one of the best jobs you could possibly have, in my opinion. I mean come on, you pick your own hours, you get to find new beautiful, scenic, cool, historic places to take pictures! I get the pleasure of meeting a diverse group of people, that in any other circumstance, I may never meet! I get the chance to capture YOUR smiling faces! Who am I kidding? It IS the best job


SO, with that being said, WELCOME! Take a look around my website! Lets get you scheduled for a shoot, or lets talk about cameras. WHICH I WOULD LOVE TO DO!!

Now, I will be posting a blog each week! My next will be a little more about me, and how this beautiful thing called HLTPhotography got started and what type of camera and lenses I use! So, stay tuned! 


Much Love, 



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